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Ass Smoothie

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Sensual Directory

Tangent Ass Smoothie

tangent ass smoothie

Sexy big titted brunette tangent makes a perfect ass smoothie girl, She's a no limits kind of girl with an ass that just begs to be filled up. This time it's getting filled up with a nice blend of fruit smoothie and watching her ass in the air , hole hole pried open with a speculum is a joy all of its own! Watch tangent get filled up with ass smoothie ,shivering as she has the mix poured into her gaping asshole until its full to the brim! Hotter is when she takes delight in pouring the fresh smoothie from her ass straight into her hungry mouth! I'll drink to that!



Posted: 01:27, 2011-Dec-21

celeste mullet ass smoothie

celeste mulet ass smoothie

Celeste Mullet is an ass smoothie regular , this time she wanted to share a smoothie with a friend - a nice thought especially when its the equally cute and filthy madison. Madison takes great delight in spreading Celeste's hot little anal hole wide with a speculum and teasing her with a huge carton of milk before she slowly tips it into her. Celeste isnt gaping for long , madison is suprised at just how much milk this slut can hold but eventually she starts to glug and overflow and that's madisons que for pouring chocolate syrup into her friends asshole.

The ever thoughtful madison even helps celeste by holding the glass so she can fill it with the smoothie shitting it out slowly into the glass as the two girls lick their lips and look forward to the taste of a nice fresh ASS SMOOTHIE


Posted: 04:50, 2011-Jul-16

Max mikita ass smoothy

max mikita ass smoothy girl


Max mikita is perfect for an ass smoothy girl - she's dirty, cute and with all the very best asssmoothie girls I'd love to watch her drink a smoothie straight from her ass almost as much as I'd love to drink one straight from her ass! A guy can dream eh - watch this set as sexy asian smoothie slut max gets her asshole filled up with a nice healthy shake mix , she even licks the speculum clean as she pulls it from her hot little asshole. She doesnt spill a drop as this ass smoothy babe squats over a glass letting it flow from her before gulping the whole thing straight down



Posted: 04:25, 2011-Jun-4

Tyla Wynn Ass Smoothie

tyla wynn ass smoothie

Tyla Wynn is a pefect all-American girl who can be very ladylike when the moment is right and then such a bitch the next minute. Check her out making her special ass smoothie in her quicy hot-pink boots. Tyla opted for cane sugar, fresh milk and slices of citrus to make a tasty treat for her asshole to enjoy. Its milky white color would leave no room for error should she not be totally clean inside.

And how much butt smoothie could we expect to come back out? There is always an amount that stays lost in the anus, only to leak out hours and days later, we have been told. To celebrate the occasion, we had Tyla drain her ass smoothie into a a glass and drink it up through a crazy shaped straw! Be sure you watch her suck back the ass smoothie, still steaming from sitting inside her butthole, and smile the entire time for our camera.

To see more of Tyla Wynn and her special ass concoction, head on over to Hardcore Smoothies. Bottoms up!

Posted: 02:38, 2011-Mar-29

Allison loves her ass smoothie

allison pierce ass smoothie

Allison Pierce is just fucking awesome - I never tire of cute girls who's smiles never reveal the huge fucking whore that resides inside them - I mean who'd have guessed this blonde cutie loves to drink a nice refreshing fruit smoothie from her asshole but she makes an amazing ass smoothie girl?! She's got an amazing ass and it looks even better as she lays in the piledriver position a speculum spreading her pink asshole wide and giving a view of somewhere I'd love to have gripping my cock. She smiles all the way through a hot grin as her ass gets filled up with anal smoothie mix filling her hot hole and mixing nicely ready for her to gulp down.


Posted: 12:33, 2010-Oct-31

Sophie Dee Ass Smoothie

sophie dee ass smoothie


Sophie Dee is surely no stranger to having her hot ass pried open and filled with sticky substances, however this is a new one for our new favourite ass smoothie girl. She is as hot as she is dirty and it's a real treat to see her infectious smile and twinkling blue eyes as she lays on her back ass in the air with her asshole spread with a speculum. She loves the feeling of having ass smoothie poured into her and we cant get enough of watching her ass swallow it all up.  She enjoys her new way of getting a protein shake and squatting over the glass she doesnt even spill a drop of her ass smoothie drinking it all down and asking for more!

Posted: 04:19, 2010-Oct-26

Brooklyn's ass hole smoothie

brooklyn ass smoothie

 Brooklyn Night has an ass that's perfect for dirty games, she fucking loves nasty sex and cant get enough of being stretched with a speculum so this seemed the ideal thing for her. She spreads wide showing her sexy asshole off as she slides in a speculum and slowly slides her hot tight hole open revealing the yummy pink insides. Check out her sexy smile as she starts to fill her ass with smoothie letting it fill her anus with milk not spilling a drop like the pro she is - even when we took the speculum out not a drop escaped until she squats over a glass and retrieves the whole anal smoothie ready for her to drink!



Posted: 03:20, 2010-Oct-17

Nina Ass Smoothie

nina ass smoothie

Nina Ass Smoothie

Nina makes a perfect ass smoothie girl - this cute innocent looking babe has an amazingly hot ass that was just begging to be stretched with a speculum and topped up with a nice healthy ass milkshake. The lovely nina was thinking getting her ass filled with a banana meant something totally different but she was up for anything and blended up a banana,chocolate sauce and milk into a nice brown ass smoothie to pour into her ass through a speculum.

See Nina with her fresh ass smoothie pouring out of her hot little hole into a glass and drinking it all down only at ass smoothies 


Posted: 03:41, 2010-May-18

glauren star ass smoothie

glauren star ass smoothie

glauren star ass smoothie

Glauren star is up for kinky adventures and this hot big titted brunette isnt dissapointed, she admitted she loves the feeling of cum in her ass so we figured filling her ass with fruit smoothie would be a fun experience for her. Of course when she undressed and bent over to show off what would be getting filled filming nearly stopped , she's got a seriously rimmable asshole but the promise of seeing it stretched with a speculum and filled with ass smoothie kept things going to the logical conclusion. Glauren star kept her dirty smile through the whole thing and after she'd been filled to the brim with her ass smoothie she squats on the floor letting it pour from her ass like a gigantic creampie into a glass so she could gulp the whole thing down whilst her adoring fans watched.



Posted: 03:31, 2010-May-18

faye runaway ass smoothie

faye runaway ass smoothie

faye runaway ass smoothie

Hot blonde Faye Runaway puts on a filthy ass smoothie show - like the pic above? The pink liquid in this cute blonde babes mouth is a mix of milk, yoghurt and strawberries all blended up together then poured into her hot ass through a speculum. It's then left for a little while and poured from her tight hole back into a glass ready for her to drink! Looks nice? Well I'd drink it but it would have to be straight from her asshole! This ass smoothie girl was so much fun and who knew her tight hole would spread so wide with an anal speculum and who had any idea just how much smoothie could be poured into her ass! It's like a black hole until it suddenly spurts leftover smoothie all over the place but she's cute so we didnt mind , she just had to lick it up after!



Posted: 03:21, 2010-May-18

Melissa Matters Ass Smoothie

melissa matters melissa matters ass smoothie

Melissa Matters Ass Smoothie

Dirty little brunette teen Melissa Matters makes a delicious Ass Smoothie , there's nothing this girl won't try and when she was given the chance to fill her tight teen asshole with fruit juice and drink it she jumped the chance. She spreads her cheeks whilst in piledriver position so we can gape her ass with a speculum and shivers moaning as she gets her hot little ass filled with ice cold smoothie - she's left to relax for a little while before she squats over a glass to retrieve her ass smoothie and absolutely wouldnt share!

See if Melissa Matters has what it takes to be an Ass Smoothie Girl



Posted: 02:56, 2010-May-18

Hannah West Ass Smoothie

hannah west ass smoothie

 Hannah West Ass Smoothie

Hannah was raring to go in this ass smoothie movie shoot and the hot girl has a hot ass that was begging to get filled up, she peeled off her cut off jeans to reveal her hot little ass and we nearly had a heart attack when she started playing with the speculum that was about to be used to stretch her asshole. After mixing up the fruit smoothie we where going to fill her ass with she lay on her back ass in the air and after letting her get used to the speculum insertion  we pried her asshole open and slowly started to pour her ass smoothie mix in. You've no idea how much this girls ass could hold but eventually it started to overflow from her ass and it was crunch time for Hanna - either she was Hannah West Ass Smoothie Girl or she flunked the test



Posted: 02:46, 2010-May-18

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